The Secret Money Manual

The Secret Money Manual

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The Secret Money Manual: Practical Strategies for Building and Maintaining Wealth for the Hip Hop Generation by Cipher J.E.W.E.L.S

Published by Sankofa Management and Procurement Services, 2012

PB, 192pp

The Secret Money Manual "Money makes the difference between wishful dreaming and fruitful thinking. Big Ups to Big Cipher for putting money and the movement in perspective and being willing to step up and step out on his written word. Cipher helps us better understand that we can't fight and beg at the same time and still be expected to be respected as a man in our own right mind. Always remember," powerful people don't teach powerless people how to take their power away" and guess what, they shouldn't . Amon Rashidi aka Pappa Ra If you are serious about investing, this book will change your whole mentality about money, how to make it, how to make it work for you, how to keep it and the responsibilities you have by possessing it. This book is a must read for the young entrepreneur / investor. UK Young Entrepreneurs Forum Here, in 150 or so pages brother Cipher, pioneering emcee, producer, businessman, father and respected community member takes the reader on a well guided and necessary course in economic self-sufficiency. Drawing on personal experience in the aforementioned areas, humorous anecdotes (like being given a motivational slap in the face by his Muay Thai trainer Simon) and quotes from as vast an array of sources as Spike Lee and the Bhagavad Gita the result is a gritty, easy to understand guide to economic and personal principles that can be applied everyday and enjoyed by readers of all ages. We may not agree with the politics of all the wealthy quoted herein but nonetheless that does not mean one cannot take on board relevant information where necessary. With concise definitions of and example guides to using economic instruments we were never really educated to understand in school, complete with a full glossary of terms, this book a great tool especially for those of us that come from 'tougher' backgrounds. We may not like the game, but it's best we understand how it's played. Akala (Artist and Edutainer)