About us

Welcome to the world of MyBookbasket!

An Oasis of Cultural Books and More!

It's quite an eclectic place where we share with you the things we are passionate about in the hope that you'll catch the buzz! We love books; diverse, quality literature for children and - because they also need stimulating -  we  offer a range of quality reads for parents and adults so they can have some fun too!
If you've struggled to find culturally appropriate and relevant books for your child, family, classroom,  nursery, youth group, church or of course yourself, then we are confident you'll find something to meet your needs on these pages. We have books from across the African diaspora; Britain, America, the Caribbean, Africa, and beyond and we believe that everyone, regardless of cultural background, will find something to fall in love with.

Bookclubs & Storytime more...oh my!

Not only do we offer a wonderful range of books but we also have an online and physical adult bookclub and run regular storytime sessions for the under 10s where they can join in the interactive fun in store.

Adult bookclub is free to attend and you can find out more about our monthly storytime sessions and storytime plus here.

Other child-friendly activities include Oware club and soon to come tweens and teens book club. 


Playtime with MyBookbasket

Books are not the only thing we get excited about. 
The world is a wonderful and diverse place and we believe that  this should be reflected in the toys our children play with. So we are here to equip you with a good selection of dolls; speaking, laughing, Afro-hair, action figures, rag dolls - you should find something for everyone's needs in our Dolls, toys and games collection. 

You'll even find something for family games time with some unique and exciting board games you'll have fun trying out for yourselves.

Sending Positive Greetings & Gifts - MyGiftBasket

Birthdays, weddings, new births, congratulations... whatever the occasion you'll find the perfect greeting card available in popular packs or individually for some designs. 

We also stock a great collection of notebooks, journals and unique seasonal calendars and diaries. You'll find yourself coming back year after year to secure yourself a treat. 

Looking for the perfect cultural gift? You've found the place! We've mugs, headwraps, household items, artwork and lots more creative ideas in our MyGiftBasket collections. African- influenced jewellery and accessories  from earrings to Ankhs - we've something for everyone. 

 Growing in Vitality with the help of MyHealthBasket.

We understand that when you want to make those lifestyle changes you often have to do it in stages. We have a growing range of natural, plant-based products to help you move towards a healthier lifestyle whether that's via your food cupboard or your bathroom cupboard. You'll definitely want to browse our MyHealthbasket pages for the resources to help you towards a healthier you. 

Organic staples from our cupboards to yours. 
Don't forget to browse our many alternative healthy lifestyle options.


Where To Find Us.

We are excited to announce that we have moved our physical shop and are now part of the innovative new Legacy Centre for Excellence (known formerly as The Drum) at 144 Potters Lane, B6 4UU.  With our own entrance near the car park, we are still offering an awesome cultural and healthful shopping experience.


See our Contact Us page for more details about how to keep in touch.