Storytime with MyBookbasket

We really wanna tell you a story...


Please note that face to face storytimes are currently on hold due to Covid-19 precautions. However we are really proud to announce the launch of our new YouTube Channel Storytime with MyBookbasket





At MyBookbasket we are fully aware of the pleasure to be gained from the delightful delivery of a good story. We offer Storytime sessions for your under fives where parent and child alike can join in with folk songs, let out all the wriggles in action fuelled tales and of course enjoy the interactive delights of a really good story.

Storytimes for the under fives are typically between half an hour to 45 mins long depending on the children present. Sessions are held on a monthly basis at the Legacy Centre, 144 Potters Lane, Birmingham. Tickets are available to purchase here and are always cheaper if booked before the day of the event. To find out when the next Storytime session is you can check on our events page or see below.

Author readings

We occasionally have visits from local authors who will deliver their own renditions of their works and of course sign copies of books you may wish to purchase. Other times we have guest storytellers or facilitators who work with your little ones around themes which enhance a healthy self-esteem and confidence.  


Storytime Extra

Getting a little bit older doesn't mean your love of stories dies but your interests may broaden a little. That's why for the 6 -10 age group we have Storytime Extra; an hour and a half of learning how to play the fantastic Oware two-player board game topped off with a fun story to complete the session. Parents stay to learn alongside their child. Book your Storytime Extra session here.


The next Storytime session will take place during half term on Friday 2nd November, 11.30-12pm

The next Storytime Extra session will take place during half term on Friday 2nd November, 1-2.30pm