Tafari - Motivational Speaking Boy Doll

Tafari - Motivational Speaking Boy Doll

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Tafari - Motivational Speaking Boy Doll.


Hi, my name is Tafari. I know many of you know my twin sister Toya, who is the FIRST talking Jamaican Patois doll. I am also from Jamaica but Toya migrated before me and the FIRST motivational male doll. I lived in Jamaica with my grand-parents. Now, I am joining my sister Toya in England to live with my parents.

I am truly excited to finally be re-united with my sister. While Toya tells you about our gorgeous island, I want to motivate kids worldwide to achieve their dreams and not be blocked by their skin colour or their social status. I am using my speech as a positive affirmation for kids worldwide.

Listen to my speech in my video to hear what I have to say…

Blessed Love

Tafari, your roots rocking Zuree Doll 

*Please note that Tafari is wearing a wig cap that is removable to make him more baby-friendly and also for kids with hair loss (cancer, alopecia, etc).

Tafari shirt’s colour may vary, therefore, you may not get the colour advertised.

 Tafari stands approx 45 cms high