Santana and Amari's Big Adventure

Santana and Amari's Big Adventure

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Santana and Amari's Big Adventure by Steven Bryant

Published by Santana's World Publlications, 2019



Amari and Rio are excited to start school again after the summer holidays. At break time, they meet a young girl named Santana and her best friend Milo...This is when they discover they have a lot in common! After realising this, they go on an epic adventure of discovery to help one of Santana's friends find her parents! Will they Maya to find her parents, and who else will they meet along the way? Santana's and Amari's Big Adventure promotes teamwork, and friendship in an fun, engaging way for children of all ages, and the colourful illustrations and entertaining rhyming story help children to learn that with the help of their friends, they can do anything!