When We Ruled Second Edition

When We Ruled Second Edition

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When We Ruled by Robin Walker - Signed Copy

Published by Reklaw Education,2014

PB: 824pp

When We Ruled 2nd Edition: The augemented 2nd edition of this superbly illustrated landmark publication provides an extraordinary and cutting-edge synthesis of the archaeological data, the documentary evidence, and the historical linguistic research. It recounts the fascinating story of the origin and development of indigenous civilisations across the vast panorama of the African continent. In 2008 'Before The Slave Trade' (by Robin Walker), a highly pictorial companion volume to When We Ruled was published, This edition of 'When We Ruled' combines both. In the 2nd edition, the author answers a key question in Black history: How much documented history is there beyond the Slave Trade, Mary Seacole, and Malcolm X ? In 818 pages that question is answered again and again with a vast array of evidence that explodes the widely held view that Africans were without historical distinctions. The history of Black people cannot be divorced from the history of peoples on other continents particularly Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Topic areas that have traditionally been ignored, such as Black Women's history, early African science and technology, and the two-way influences between Africa and Europe, are also discussed. When We Ruled remains the most advanced synthesis on Ancient and Medieval African history ever written by a single author. 246 illustrations with 9 in colour. 19 maps.