Razammataz Female Relatives

Razammataz Female Relatives

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Razammataz Female Relatives Greeting Cards

Greeting cards for your female relatives brought to you from the Razammataz collection.

Large cards measure approx 21x15cms and come supplied with a white envelope in a protective plastic sleeve. 

Inside Greeting messages read as follows:

Mum6913 reads: I am so blessed to have a mother like you.

Mum4481 reads: mum you are my friend so dear, throughout my life you're always near. You taught me to be the best I can be. I thank you for always believing in me. Happy Birthday!

Mum4484 reads: Mum you are my friend so dear, throughout my life you're always near. A loving hand to guide my way, your love and kindness brightens up my day. Happy Birthday!

DG3941 Reads: From the day you were born I was proud as could be, to be blessed with a daughter for the whole world to see. I love you with all my heart and I wish you joy in this world. I will forever be thankful for my blessed precious girl. Happy Birthday!

DG3942 Reads: My darling precious daughter you are a shining star. I want to let you know how special and loved you are. Every year I smile with joy on this very special day. May love joy and blessings always come your way. Happy Birthday!

SR4961 Reads: A day of celebration a gathering of friends. My sister I wish you love with blessings that never ends. Happy Birthday

 BW3717 Reads: A day of celebration, a gathering of friends, Sister I wish you love, and joy that never ends. Happy Birthday