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Neem Powder

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Akoma Neem Powder, 50g

Neem Powder – A Perfect Ingredient for Beauty


Azadirachta indica

Extraction Method

Neem powder is extracted from neem leaves that are found in wet and evergreen climate. Neem extract is also excavated from roots and other parts of the neem plant.

Suggested Use

Neem powder is transformed into neem oil, which is used to treat skin. Neem leaves are considered very useful too. Neem with turmeric makes a perfect mask for the face, which enhances the glow on the face and reduces scars and acne. To cure really oily skin, a mixture of neem with yogurt can be applied on the face. Neem powder mixed with lemon juice and yogurt is even said to be great for the complexion. Moreover, since it reduces the secretion of oil, it makes the skin less oily.


Neem powder is one natural ingredient that has plenty of benefits. A widespread and popular ingredient, which is extremely famous for its usage in skin care, beauty and hair products, Neem powder is one of those natural ingredients that you just can’t go wrong with. It can be found in the form of oil, leaves as well as in powder form. This herb is absolutely safe for treating skin and hair issues. The fact that it is natural also ensures that its use has no side effects.

Neem rose petals are considered to be a great way to achieve smooth skin. Not only do they make the skin less oily, but also rid it of dirt, which makes the complexion better along with giving a natural glow to the skin. Various types of Neem masks should be applied on the face and neck for a duration of anywhere between fifteen minutes to half an hour and then cold water must be used to wash it off. Washing off the mask with rose water proves to be really beneficial.

It is rather interesting to know that people who suffer from dry skin can also use neem powder with grape seed oil and water to moisturize their skin and make it less dry. This is especially true in the cold winter months, when the skin starts getting dry and rough. .

Furthermore, Neem powder can even be used to get rid of pimples. In order to do so, you need a mask of Neem powder along with Tulsi powder and rose water. This mixture can be applied on the face for about half of an hour. The face should then be washed off with mild warm water for the best results.

Neem is also famous for its antiseptic and anti-bacterial qualities, which make it an apt ingredient to treat problems related to hair. It can be used to treat scalp problems and hair loss. A cup of boiled water with fresh neem can be used to rinse hair, in a bid to solve hair related problems.

For faster hair growth, neem oil massage is the perfect solution. Massage of the head improves blood circulation, which helps in increasing hair growth too. There are certain shampoos with neem in them too, which make them a great buy. Neem is also known for curing dandruff.


Even though neem powder is safe it is still advised that children and pregnant ladies should not use it because it is likely to be a little unsafe in certain situations.


The neem tree is famously located in India and other Asian countries where its leaves can be found in trees of the mahogany family meliaceae. Other countries where the Neem tree is found are Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.