Nambitha Izibiliboco: A Selection of Zimbabwean Traditional Recipes

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Nambitha Izibiliboco: A Selection of Zimbabwean Traditional Recipes byThobekile Creddy Siziba 

Published: 2022


The author, Thobekile Creddy Siziba, was born in the village of Setshele in the Insiza District of Zimbabwe, Africa.
Creddy used to like cooking from a young age, like all other domestic chores. She benefited from her inspirational parents, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and Domestic Science teachers.
She moved to the UK to attend University in 2002 and studied Third World Development leading to work in many areas of development and teaching.
Her continued love of cooking and a drive to keep traditional methods and foods alive, lead to this book. The original collection of recipes was produced in her native language in 2021 which lead naturally to this more inclusive publication. The comprehensive collection of recipes and cooking methods is accompanied by questions for young and old alike to help explain many of the elements of the cooking style for a wider interest. A more extensive version of the book is also available with the addition of elements of Heritage and other factors of Health Benefits, Preparation and Storage.