My Skin Is Lovely

My Skin Is Lovely

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My Skin Is Lovely: The ABCs of Why I Am Powerful, I Am Enough, Super Girl by Shem Diana Moses

Published by Flourishing Seeds, 2021

PB: 78pp


Your children are more powerful and spectacular than society thinks!

Welcome to Supergirl Shaya’s guide to her superpowers!

No matter what obstacles she may face, Supergirl has just the thing she needs to win the battle. Whether it’s a grumpy mood or a new challenge, Supergirl never fears.

My Skin is Lovely will help young black and brown girls understand that they are beautiful, powerful, and can achieve anything they set their minds to by using positive affirmations with the ABCs. They will learn that they should never hide who they are and that they should feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful in their own skin. 

Teach your child that they can do anything in life, no matter what their background is, by using this fun, positive book that will ensure your child knows just how wonderful and bright they really are.