Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

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Akoma Lemon Essential Oil 10ml


Citrus Limonum.


Cold expression.


To obtain the oil, the rinds of the fresh fruits are compressed or grated to force out the oil. 

As suggested by its sharp, refreshing smell, lemon oil can be used to energise, lift depression, clear the mind and aid concentration.  It even stimulates white blood corpuscles, boosting the immune system. 

Using the oil in burners, steam inhalation, massage blends or the bath are all effective ways to alleviate the symptoms of colds, voice loss, headaches, and sluggishness, as well as digestive problems and infections.  Its ability to increase blood flow through the capillaries makes it a good choice in treatments for cellulite.  In lotions, its astringent properties are beneficial for cleansing and healing oily skin and acne.

Very diluted, a drop or two of the oil can be used in mouthwash to aid the healing of mouth ulcers.

  • Bactericide
  • Antiseptic
  • Rubefacient (dilates capillaries, increasing blood flow)
  • Febrifuge (reduces fever)
  • Counteracts acid indigestion
  • Clears greasy skin and hair
  • Treatment of cellulite


May cause skin irritation.  Phototoxic.
If phototoxic essential oils, and/or products containing them, are left on the skin and then exposed to sunlight, they can cause the sun’s effect to be greatly magnified.