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JI Irish Moss 100g

Product: Irish Moss

Latin Name: Chondrus crispus

Plant Family: Gigartinaceae

Other Names: Carrageen, Chondrus, Carrahan, Carrageen Moss, Carragheen & Pearl Moss.

Description: Irish Moss is a small algae which is found on Atlantic Coast, found growing just under the level of the sea water that forms its natural habitat. It can grow up to 20cm in length, and has a branching fan like nature with 4-5 divisions on each branch, each division or ‘leaf’ is 2-15mm wide, firm, leathery in texture and translucent and reddish brown to dark brown in colour.

Brief History: Seaweeds were first used for food and medicinally in China around 600 B.C and in Ireland as far back as 400 A.D. The carrageen name given to Irish Moss is thought to be derived from the Irish word ‘carraigín’, which means ‘moss of the rocks’.