How to Unlock Your Child's Genius

How to Unlock Your Child's Genius

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How to Unlock Your Child’s Genius:An Education & Empowerment Book

Published by David Simon, 2016


How to Unlock Your Child's Genius is a practical book for parents, teachers and all those who work with children. It shows them in eleven simple steps how to unlock the genius of their children.The contents of the book includes:
diet and learning, educational management in the home, reading and learning mathematics, creative learning, learning styles, rites of passage programs, complementary therapy and learning, education and culture, thinking skills, mind games, financial literacy and education and citizenship.
This book shows parents and educators how they can holistically develop their children and unlock the true potential of children and young people.
This book is a must for parents, teachers, homeschooling families and all those interested in an alternative education system that can be easily applied.
This best-selling book has been written by award winning author and educationalist, David Simon, who has based the book on his 26 years of working as an independent educationalist in London. all readers will enjoy this practical approach to child learning and development with its presentation of action points, simple suggestions, summary research, poems, information tables and case studies.