Heavenly Rose Deodorant Powder

Heavenly Rose Deodorant Powder

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Heavenly Rose Deodorant Powder,  100g

We too have tried natural deodorants and have found that they either don't work or irritate our under arms. Due to our deodorant being a powder, it sits on the skin without being rubbed which we found often caused us skin redness and irritation. Our deodorant powder is gentle and kind on the skin but tough on odour. We've blended the following 3 key ingredients to create what we believe is a revolutionary deodorant: Bicarbonate of Soda - the natural deodoriser and cleanser Arrowroot - a natural and soft healer for skin irritations, it absorbs moisture and sebum from your under arms. It also helps eliminate toxins along with.. Bentonite Clay -..which will draw toxins out from the skin, eliminate odour and absorb moisture. Then we've added Rose Geranium & Lemon organic essential oils for added benefits. Both Rose Geranium and Lemon are antibacterial and naturally deodorising. What more could you ask for? Well they smell divine too! Think ...opening a box of Turkish Delight!

In a glass jar

This product is Vegan