Black Scientists & Inventors Book 1

Black Scientists & Inventors Book 1

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Black Scientists & Inventors Book 1 by Ava Henry & Michael Williams

Published by BIS Publications, 1999



This book is designed for use by children between the ages of 7 - 16. It covers the topic of Black Scientists and Inventors. It contains biographies of notable black scientists and inventors from the UK, America, the Caribbean and Africa, Questions, a Timeline of Scientists and Inventors, a Glossary and a Bibliography for further reading. This book will help the pupil to develop their skills in reading, comprehension, maths, history and science. Some of the featured scientists and inventors include Ron Headley, ex-cricketer and inventor of The Ecocharger, a device that allows cleaner emissions from diesel engines, Dr. Mae Jemison the first black female astronaut, Jan Ernst Matzeliger who invented the shoe lasting machine. Garrett A. Morgan inventor of the traffic lights and gas mask, eminent biologist Dr. Ernest Everett Just.