Akoma Ground Walnut Shells

Akoma Ground Walnut Shells

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Some of the major benefits of walnut shell in cosmetics include:

Use in high-quality facial products.

Crushed walnut shells are used in manufacturing high-quality facial scrubs, exfoliants, soaps and creams. They are also used in the manufacturing of most branded skin care products.

Application of this product has no found side-effect as it is significantly filled with enriching nutrients and vitamins.

Use in body exfoliants

Walnut shells can be used in a wide range of natural body care products – body polish, peeling creams and lotions, and body exfoliants. It gives an unusual twist to a familiar natural product.

Why is walnut shell cosmetics useful to treat rough skin?

In this modernized world, it's pretty sure that nobody actually dares to have their skin rough and look for means to smoothen their face through applying various kinds of cosmetic products. Among many other cosmetics products, walnut shell works perfectly.

When skin is rough, get buffed! The cosmetic grade walnut shell works in a gentle lather, releasing skin-smoothing natural walnut shells. Cosmetics walnut work over entire body- even the toughest, driest skins and spots will be scrubbed away to reveal newer, softer skin.

External uses of walnut shell

Most of the external uses of walnut shell powder extends to skin issues like acne, eczema, blisters and even ringworm. It is also used to treat more serious skin problems such as psoriasis and canker sores.

Walnut shell powder can also be used to treat skin conditions that occur as a result of fungal infection.

Use for skin lesions (ulcers, wounds, cuts etc)

Liquid solution of walnut shell is very popular as they are easily prepared by boiling them for an hour.