Oware Club 2024

Oware Club 2024

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Come and learn how to play this addictive two-player game – a great way to boost maths, planning and strategy skills and have a great time whilst you’re doing so!


Book for both sessions and get a 10% discount on an oware board game to take home and keep practicing.

Suitable for children from 6 up to adult. All children must remain accompanied.


Venue: MyBookbasket shop, 144 Potters Lane, B6 4UU


Dates and time: Friday 26th July 3-4pm



Oware is perhaps the most widespread game in the mancala family of games.

Considered the national game of Bono State, Ashanti City-State, oware is said to derive its name — which literally means "he/she marries" — from a legend in the Akan language and Twi,  the language of the Akan people, about a man and a woman who played the game endlessly and, so as to be able to stay together and continue playing, they married.]

Reflecting traditional African values, players of oware encourage participation by onlookers, making it perhaps the most social two-player abstract. In recreational play, it is normal for spectators to discuss the game in progress and to advise the players. Games may provide a focus for entertainment and meeting others. The game, or variations of it, also had an important role in teaching arithmetic to African children.