The Black Past

The Black Past

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The Black Past: A History of African People

Published by: The Boukman Academy

PB: 276pp

“The Black Past: A History of African People” is a concise, comprehensive guide to Black history. It is suitable for all who desire to learn more about Black history, from complete beginners to experts. Journey with us as we travel from the continent to the diaspora and beyond.

Our book chronicles the various histories of precolonial African societies, as the stories of monarchs and empires are thoroughly examined. Far from simply being a list of kings and queens, the history is written in a way that is easy to absorb and digest. We also examine the scientific and mathematical advancements of all regions, their spiritual and cosmological belief systems, their systems of governance and their incredible architecture and monuments. From the continent, we journey across the diaspora, looking at the history of the Black Radical Tradition in resistance to slavery, colonialism and racist oppression.

“The Black Past” is complete with illustrations of various figures and monuments. There are also over 30 maps and 10 timelines in order to help the learning process. Tables and figures are also included, as well as a comprehensive bibliography.

The first chapter looks at the great civilisations of the Nile Valley over a 5000-year period. The second chapter sees us travel across North Africa, meeting military generals, kings and Moors. Chapter 3 delves into West African history, looking at the famous kingdoms and empires of the region. For chapter 4 we journey East to the birthplace of humanity. Chapter 5 sees us explore the ingenious civilisations of Central Africa, and for chapter 6 we take a trip to the South to explore the magnificence of the area.

Our journey then continues into the diaspora as chapter 7 sees us look at various uprisings against the horrors of Trans-Atlantic slavery. Chapter 8 explores the most important revolution of the last 500 years: the Haitian Revolution. Chapter 9 examines in detail the onset of both Arab and European colonialism on the continent, and finally, chapter 10 pays tribute to some of the many incredible African people that gave their lives to the struggle - both on the continent and across the diaspora.


All those who read this work are sure to learn many facts and stories that have been hidden from the annals of mainstream history.